How to Keep Your Device Protected from Mobile Malware

There is no better solution to protect against mobile malware than McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection – Enterprise.

The Way of Keeping Your Device Protected from Mobile Software

The best way to keep your device protected from mobile malware is to follow the next principles:

  1. Download a modern operating system. Use modern operating systems with a high level of protection against malware.
  2. Upgrade your operating system. Turn on the automatic operating system update mode. If the system does not have such a mode, regularly install updates yourself. Download them from the official website of the developer.
  3. Use user rights. Work on the computer as a user, not an administrator. This will prevent most malware from installing itself automatically.
  4. Don’t risk it. Use antivirus software from trusted manufacturers with automatic database updates.
  5. Restrict access to your computer. Don’t let strangers use your computer.
  6. Choose your sources carefully. Copy and download files only from trusted removable media or Internet resources. Do not open files that you received from untrustworthy sources. Even those sent by your friend. Check with him if he sent them to you.

Targeted scanning and targeted action keep your business protected at all times and minimize downtime. Leveraging advanced smart scanning and control techniques, memory that optimizes CPU and memory consumption, provides superior performance across all platforms. With Application Control, CPU and memory usage are extremely low by eliminating redundant scans and redundant DAT update cycles.

The Main symptoms of Mobile Malware

The main symptoms of mobile virus infection are as follows:

  • The slowdown of some programs.
  • Increasing the size of files (especially executables).
  • The appearance of previously non-existent “strange” files.
  • Reducing the amount of available RAM (compared to normal operation).
  • Suddenly popping a variety of video and sound effects.
  • The appearance of failures in the operating system (including freezing).
  • Writing information to discs at times when this should not happen.
  • Termination or incorrect operation of previously normally functioning programs.

The most common vulnerability widely exploited by malware programs on your phone is a buffer overflow error. For the normal functioning of programs, the capacity of data in the range of the volume allocated to them is of great importance, since otherwise, they will be saved instead of the return command from the procedure.

Keep Your Device Protected with McAfee

Endpoint protection should support, not slow down, businesses. Protect your business and provide a productive work environment for your staff! McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection – Enterprise is a suite of reliable, fast, and easy-to-use solutions that provides real-time security status and risk intelligence, and unified management mechanisms.

McAfee offers the most effective threat protection for all of your devices, from servers and virtual machines to PCs and mobile devices, in a single, integrated and easy-to-manage solution. Protecting systems and data from complex and hidden threats is carried out through dynamic application control, intrusion prevention based on behavior analysis, instant risk analysis, as well as through the use of technology for global information collection, covering all directions of threats.

Key benefits of McAfee on how to remove malware from android:

  • High-end, comprehensive, multi-layered protection, including advanced anti-malware, host intrusion prevention, device control, encryption, and more.
  • Consolidate endpoint management — from virtual machines and servers to PCs and mobile devices.
  • The reduced attack surface for applications, saving time and effort in managing whitelists.
  • Ability to eliminate vulnerabilities and proactively block threats in real-time.
  • Manage risk by being able to target resources where they are needed most.
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