In this article, we will conduct a Virtual Data Room to antivirus protection features. 

Who needs a Data Room and why?

Data Room is the optimal system for customers who are looking for a reliable IT service tailored to their needs. Thanks to the experience of engineers and IT architects, UCloud develops solutions that are optimized for reliability, cost, and efficiency in a particular customer’s business.

VDR is a secure and scalable IT system that provides fast launch, processing, and storage of the company’s resources in a single center. Due to the scalability of the cloud, the company can increase virtual computing power without the need for additional equipment. It is based on Microsoft and VMware virtualization hardware and IT schemes to build a robust data center and personal infrastructure with all the necessary parameters and licensed software to meet any customer needs.


Data Rooms provide new opportunities for rapid business growth. A data center built on a virtualization scheme has several advantages over systems based on physical equipment. There are the following points:

  • The data center service has an hourly rate.
  • Virtual data room allows you to increase and decrease the resources of virtual servers in the system almost instantly.
  • Due to the latest equipment and operation of the platform, you can get more resource efficiency.
  • VDR servers have a variety of equipment that allows you to build data processing systems with the efficiency of a high level.
  • The data room service will be useful for those companies that want to virtualize the company’s IT systems gradually.
  • The main advantage of such a system is the ability to independently manage the virtual resources of the Data Room from anywhere in the world.

Security system

The virtual data room comparison guarantees a high level of security and access rights. It allows you to grant permissions to specific users and monitor access to personal folders and files for buyers, sellers, and consultants. 

The multifunctional Q&A module will allow you to fully control the workflow, to complete the transaction as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can also check each file and action, view the complete history of file changes, send links or read a specific version, track the most active users and see when they logged in.

The VDR allows creating secure storage with the ability to restrict access rights and apply permanent watermarks to confidential documents. The DRM protection component integrated into the virtual data room, which is a full-fledged analog of AD RMS, allows you to protect data throughout the entire life of the document, including after it is unloaded from the virtual data room.

Besides, in VDR, data exchange is based on the E2E encryption principle using secure transport protocols SSL or TLS, which ensures maximum security of data exchange between the server and the agent, protecting them from MITM attacks.