3 Simple Ways to Uninstall Any Antivirus Software

It often happens that when you buy a new device, it has pre-installed antivirus software. In some cases, it’s a part of the deal package. In others, you have no idea about it until you come home and turn on your new laptop or PC. When you already have a trusted antivirus, you can easily install the software as soon as you remove the other one. It’s especially important for those who have the whole household covered with one annual plan. In order to avoid all sorts of conflicts between the software, you need to remove the unwanted program. Let’s go over some simple and reliable methods of how to remove the antivirus.

Different ways to uninstall software you don’t need anymore

First of all, you need to understand that these ways can be applied not only to antivirus programs but to any apps and software on your PC. We’ll go over some ways you can try starting from the basic ones to more complicated. You can try the latter ones if regular methods don’t work.

Yet, before you find out how to remove the program, you should know that it doesn’t stop the subscription. Even if you don’t use antivirus like Avast, for example, you’ll be billed every year until you stop the subscription.

Now, onto the ways to delete antivirus from your devices.

  • You can start with the simplest steps. Open Start Menu and look for the antivirus folder. As a rule, every program comes with a pre-installed plug-in you use to uninstall it. Just run this file and you are likely to get rid of the unwanted software. Be attentive and follow the steps. This might also need you to restart your PC but in most cases, the file will take care of everything.
  • Another simple way is to go to Add or Remove Programs section. Every PC and laptop that run on Windows are sure to have it in the settings. This utility has a list of everything that is installed on your device. You’ll also see how much space they take and the actions you can do with those programs. Just click uninstall in front (or the top) of Avast antivirus or the program you want to remove. The installation process can take longer than in the previous case, but it’s likely to help you get rid of the antivirus. Using this method, you should remember that if a program has several components, they will be listed separately. You’ll have to remove every one of those to make sure the software is gone.
  • Finally, if nothing helps and every time you restart the PC you see the antivirus popping out again, you need to take measures. The best way is to download a special tool or app that manages software. Take a look at CCleaner, Clean Master, etc. They also have the section that allows removing the software forcing it out and deleting all files connected to the program.

In most cases, the uninstallation process is just as simple as the installation one. You follow the process and choose the needed actions. So, even if the simplest method doesn’t work, you are sure to succeed using the other two.

Once you remove the unwanted antivirus, you can restart your PC and immediately start the installation of the new program. Keep your computer protected all the time.

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