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Your system is getting slow? Maybe your drives are full or RAM needs some space. If none of this is the case then probably your system is infected. If you are not tech-savvy then you may not believe that a single malware can destroy your entire device. In simple words, it can corrupt your machine so your all programs run slow and in worst case scenario you can lose all your data doesn’t matter if it’s thousands of files.  So the question is how to avoid such a situation. Well, the answer is simple. Clean your system from time to time and avoid visiting malicious websites.

Every device has some built-in protective system in it and so does the Mac have too. As compared to windows, Mac security shield is much stronger and you can rely on it. All you have to do is to update it timely but if you still want to use third-party antivirus then you can also do so.

How your Mac can get infected?

A lot of people ask how they can protect their Mac without using any kind of software. There is a way. Don’t connect your Mac to the internet. Don’t insert any kind of external device in it and don’t ever use USB for data transfer. If you can do all this then there are great chances that you end up protecting your device. So what do you think? You can do this? It’s insane. So now you have no other way but to protect it by using antivirus.

Before you download an antivirus it is important to know how viruses infect devices. Portable devices are the best gateway for malware. You may have no intentions but your one infected USB can transfer malware to every device it gets connected to. Other than this your online surfing also brings malicious viruses home.  Have you ever clicked on something on the web but the website redirected you to somewhere else? If yes then it means you have experienced an attack of the virus. You can also get attacked through spam emails. In the nutshell, there are plenty of doors for malware and so your Mac should be ready all the time.

How to find the best antivirus for Mac?

There are thousands of antiviruses available on internet free. Now you can’t test everyone and then decide which one you want to keep so what should you do? Well, you can choose with the help of Google rating. If you are not sure which one is the best then go for the one who has the best response from people. Check people reviews from YouTube and then decide. Before you finalize any best mac antivirus make sure it is compatible with Mac.

Once you test a antivirus and gets satisfied with its result then you can also recommend it other people in your circle. You can make your tutorial to let people know how your chosen antivirus protects Mac from malicious malware. Before you download any software it is highly recommended to check it’s online rating first

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